Monday, November 8, 2010

Mount Stong Expedition [MSE'10]

ProtazVenture Consultancy - ProVentCo™ - is proudly conducting the Mount Stong Expedition [MSE'10] in collaboration with 1999's SKTM as follows:


Program : Mount Stong Expedition [MSE'10]
Organizer : ProtazVenture Consultancy - ProVentCo™ - in collaboration with 1999’s SKTM
Date : 19th , 20th and 21st November 2010, (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) (3rd day of Raya Qurban)
Fee : MYR 80.00 / pax
Dateline : 13th November 2010, 1800hrs
Meet point : Machang Mosque, Machang, Kelantan at 0900hrs.

Estimated Maximum Participant: 20 pax (Open to public ; Men & Women age 16+)

Project Manager :
Brother Uwais
Organizer :
Sister Ayuni


:: D-1 ::
0900hrs : Settlement, sign the medical declaration @ the meet point (Masjid Bandar Machang)
1000hrs : Depart to Dabong for Jumaat Prayer
1300hrs : Arrive @ masjid for Jumaat Prayer
1400hrs : Depart to Mt. Stong trail, briefing, warm up and start trekking to the camp site (Kem Baha)
1900hrs : Arrive @ the base camp, set up campsite, Maghrib Prayer, light dinner
2030hrs : Isyak Prayer
2300hrs : break interval

:: D-2 ::
0600hrs : Subuh prayer, breakfast
0730hrs : Warm up, start hiking to the summit
1230hrs : Reach the summit, mini brunch, photography
1400hrs : Start trekking down to Kem Baha
1430hrs : Zuhur & Asar Prayer (Jamak)
1830hrs : Reach the Kem Baha, Leisure Activities
1900hrs : Maghrib Prayer, dinner
2300hrs : Rest

:: D-3 ::
0500hrs : wake up and get ready for subuh prayer
0600hrs : subuh prayer and prepare for breakfast
0800hrs : closing, pack up the gears
0900hrs : start trekking down to the foothills
1200hrs : reach the foothills
1300hrs : Expedition ends.


Things to bring on your own:

| Compulsory |

- Minimum of 30L bag pack or haversack with rain cover
- Sleeping bag / sweater (due to low temp)
- Mess tin or plate (with spoon & fork)
- Bottles filled with mineral water (at least 2 L)
- Own medication such as Paracetamol
- Headlamp (strongly recommended) or LED torch light
- Basic toiletries

| Optional |

- Hammock & fly sheet (strongly recommend)
- Poncho or rain coat, windbreaker
- Binoculars
- Parang or survival knife
- Own emergency food like power bar, snack...
- Spare of sandal or Kampong Adidas
- Compact camera or DSLR for unforgettable moments
- Water proof cover for electronic items or equipments. (for own purposes)

Dear participants, kindly click this URL to download the recommended camping gear checklist for ur convenience. tq.

**Subject to change
***Any changes will be updated later.

Further information kindly do not hesitate to reach +6012-984 6388 (Bro. Uwais) -PM-
or Sister Ayuni +6012-958 9950 –organizer-
Recommended readings:


Fee : MYR 80.00
- inclusive of Guide, Ration, Transportaton (from Kota Bharu – Mount Stong – Kota Bharu),

* a free gift to each participant if we reach 15 and more people

Deposit : MYR 50.00 (non-refundable)

to bank accounts : UWAIS ALQORNY
1. CIMB 1302 012 2572 525 or
2. Maybank 1530 8319 1048

e-mail your receipt to : or send MMS to +60129846388 or SMS the transaction details:

~ Amount : RM
~ Date :
~ Time :
~ Reference No :

INCLUDING these items :

~ Facebook ID :
~ Full Name :
~ Mykad (NRIC) :
~ e-Mail :
~ H/P No :

Payment (deposit) dateline : 13th November 2010 (Saturday) ; 1800hrs

The balance (MYR 30.00) should be paid by cash at 0930hrs on 19th November 2010 (Friday) at the Meet Point. Please bring along your transaction receipt (deposit). TQ. *T&C apply.

| *Subject to Change Disclaimer |

The policies, regulations, procedures, and fees in this Event Board are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep ProVentCo™ policies in compliance with State and Federal laws and/or with rules and regulations of the Board of Regents, The ProVentCo™ System.

The ProVentCo™ reserves the right to change curricula, rules, fees, and other requirements, of whatever kind, affecting participants. The provisions of this advert do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, participant, or club member and ProVentCo™ or its Board of Regents. TQ *T&C apply.

~ the terms & conditions are applied as written in our PRIVACY POLICY
~ Kindly click here to read the ProVentCo™ PRIVACY POLICY:
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